MVL Fixed Pricing & Fees

Our Solvent Solutions service delivers a simple, quick and cost-effective procedure to all our MVL clients.

Cost-effective MVL Fees

Our MVL fees are charged on a fixed fee basis which provides clients with an exact cost to complete the liquidation and maximises tax efficient returns to shareholders.

We offer three types of MVL, Simple, Standard and Advanced

If our Simple, Standard or Advanced service does not meet your needs, please contact us and we will tailor our offering to meet your specific requirements.

Where additional services are required, we simply agree with you an additional fixed fee to cover this work.

Complete our online form now and we will provide you with a quote to complete the MVL.


Perfect for personal
service companies
From £1,500 plus disbursements plus VAT
  • One to two shareholders
  • Ceased to trade
  • Only asset is cash, balance up to £500,000
  • No liabilities (current or contingent)
  • Deregistered for VAT
  • Closed PAYE scheme


Perfect for owner managed companies
with some assets and liabilities
From £2,500 plus disbursements plus VAT
  • One to two shareholders
  • Ceased to trade
  • Cash balance up to £1,000,000
  • One Director Loan Account
  • Two HMRC tax liabilities
  • Two trade creditors
  • No employee liabilities
  • No contingent liabilities
  • Closed PAYE scheme


Perfect for companies with assets and liabilities
remaining on the balance sheet
From £3,500 plus disbursements plus VAT
  • Multiple shareholders
  • Still trading or has ceased to trade
  • Cash balances
  • Director Loan Accounts
  • Other asset classes
  • HMRC liabilities
  • Employee liabilities
  • Trade creditors
  • Contingent liabilities
  • VAT registered
  • Active PAYE scheme

Solvent Solutions

Our simple, cost effective Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Service.
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