Company Information

Company name: Approved Recovery Limited
Company number: 12101459
Registered office: 36 Fifth Avenue, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2PL
Legal status and form: Limited company
Legal jurisdiction: England and Wales
Directors: Marcus Tout, Jonathan Green, Matthew Gair
Business activity: Insolvency Practitioners
Trading address: 36 Fifth Avenue, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2PL
Office telephone: 0800 066 2248
VAT registration number: 332200072
Recognised Professional Body: Insolvency Practitioners Association
Licensed Insolvency Practitioners: Marcus Tout (IP no. 23490)
Liability: When an Approved Recovery Limited Insolvency Practitioner acts as insolvency office holder of a company, it is without personal liability.
Code of Ethics: Insolvency Code of Ethics
General bond provider: QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited
General bond value: £250,000
Professional indemnity insurer: Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality SE, Amtrust Europe Limited and Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s
Professional indemnity insurance value: £1,000,000
Professional indemnity insurance territorial coverage: Worldwide excluding United States of America and Canada and in each case its territories and possessions and any state or political sub-division thereof
Information Commissioners Office registration numbers: ZA554280 – Approved Recovery Limited, A8504501 – Marcus Tout

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