British cuisine has long focused on rustic and simple ingredients that highlight the nation’s agricultural output. But when it comes to eating out in London, some of the world’s finest cuisine is readily available along with British classics.

The best places to eat in London, England will usually combine cultural ambiance based on the type of cuisine offered. In addition to the restaurant’s atmosphere, a focus on multicultural entrees in addition to the most popular dishes indigenous of England will also be represented.

There are literally hundreds of well-reviewed restaurant in London, therefore, narrowing down a list of the best eateries is bound to draw disagreements. Read on to discover the 5 best places to eat in London based on national and British cuisine options.


Trullo is located in the Highbury district of London and features some of the city’s most popular Italian options with a large focus on British ingredients. Featuring an elegant, yet intimate dining room with an Italian wine list, this eatery can exist comfortably as a fine dining option without the pretentious atmosphere that characterises an upscale restaurant.

The menu selection prioritises authentic Italian fare without doing a disservice to Britain since the ingredients used are harvested locally. Rather you are seeking a romantic dining experience or a laid back night out without much pomp or fuss, Trullo caters to any experience you may be seeking.

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Western’s Laundry

Even though the UK is technically an island-nation, there has never been a huge push for making Britain stand out in the realm of seafood cuisine. Western’s Laundry in Highbury is striving to change that perception with some of the city’s most diverse and delicious seafood offerings.

Featuring an array of seafood dishes that maintain the rustic flavor of traditional seafood cooking combined with the elegance of multiple flavours and pairings that characterise seafood on the European continent, Western’s Laundry is a must for any seafood aficionado.

The Laughing Heart

The Laughing Heart near Bethnal Green and Hackney is the perfect spot to dine if you are looking for the best of European cuisine along with traditional British offerings. This selection is the quintessential spot for either a casual meal and drink with friends or a companion or as a late-night destination for socialising and grabbing a quick meal.

The menu offerings are uniquely eclectic, with everything from Asian-infused dishes for the adventurous diner to typical comfort foods. The Laughing Heart prioritises a diverse selection with the leisure of a classic lounge.


If you are looking to try a restaurant that specialises in all that is great about British cooking, then Marksman in Hackney is a good choice. This locations take on the traditional Sunday roast frequently wins rave reviews from both locals and visitors alike.

If you are seeking less of a weekend tradition, the menu is full of creative takes on British staples that are sure to satisfy both traditionalists and food critics alike.

The Ledbury

Situated in the Notting Hill area of London, The Ledbury is expensive, but the expense is guaranteed to be well worth the investment. Chef Brett Graham’s dishes are sourced from only the finest ingredients and are so well executed that it is no surprise this location has been cited as one of the finest restaurants in the world.

The cuisine and the wine selections take food and beverage into the realm of art due to the unbelievable taste and quality of the selections.

In Summary

London is scattered with restaurants that offer casual or fine dining atmospheres without sacrificing the quality of the menu selections. These five selections represent a wide cross-section of the many types of cuisine you can find throughout London.

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